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Intro to AVP

Intro to AVP Workshop
February 11, 10 am - 2 pm.

AVP is perhaps most widely known for its work in prisons, but is applicable to any environment. The nonviolent communication and conflict resolution that AVP teaches is very important and timely work for the political situation we are currently living in. Please read the below and explore the link. AVP will offer a workshop at UUFNN on Feb. 11th, 10 am to 2 pm. Bring a bag lunch. Let Rev. Karen know of your interest at dlre@uufnn.org

A grassroots, worldwide movement dedicated to building peace in ourselves and in our homes, schools, institutions and communities. We seek to release everyone’s innate power to positively transform ourselves, and in so doing, transform the world. Our workshops use the shared experience of both participants and facilitators to examine how injustice, prejudice, frustration and anger can lead to aggressive behavior and violence. We explore our innate power to respond in new and creative ways. AVP workshops offer opportunities to discover common ground between diverse groups and to connect deeply, be joyful, and be deeply nourished. You will learn how to create a safe environment to make this possible. You will learn to confront and resolve conflict in your life, your community and between communities. Our workshops use the shared experiences of participants to see beyond differences, to explore mutual respect, and discover the power within ourselves to transform lives – our own, and those around us. An AVP Workshop facilitator’s view:“AVP is about people from all different backgrounds coming together to be in community. When I see participants making themselves vulnerable by sharing and being open to change, I am inspired to manage my own conflict better. We are all transformed, and that transformation ripples outward throughout our communities.”

Sanctuary Radio Interview

Sanctuary interview


Below find letters of support for the Sanctuary effort at UUF

        Faith Works Ministry Teams at the UUFNN are established by at least five congregants who have a desire to engage in a specific project that meets some immediate need(s) in the greater community.

        Your interest in establishing a Faith Works Ministry Team is a blessing. The religious/moral imperative to make the world a better place is integral to who we are as Unitarian Universalists. Your call to be part of fulfilling the mission of the UUFNN is vital.

        For social justice issues that are more systemic in nature, our ACTIONN Local Organizing Ministry should be consulted rather than creating a Faith Works Ministry Team.


        ACTIONN - Acting in Community Together in Organizing Northern Nevada- is a social justice ministry of which the UUFNN is a founding member. The issues for creating systemic change are decided after many one to one conversations where the pain of members are listened to across many diverse faith communities in Northern Nevada.
        Current issues where change is being created revitalizing education, creating jobs and immigration reform.
        UU's are welcome to get involved in a campaign to make lasting changes. Nancy Oakley currently chairs the local organizing ministry of ACTIONN at the UU. For more info or questions visit www.ACTIONN.org or contact Pat Fling at flingp@ACTIONN.org

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