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Contacting Your Minister

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
~ Ernest Hemingway

Some years ago when I was living in Saskatoon I experienced one of those moments in life that I would have preferred to avoid.  Without sharing the intricate details, suffice to write that it was a moment of deep loss in my life. It was the kind of loss that I had never experienced before and quite frankly I did not have a clue how I was “supposed” to respond. I knew that I was scared, hurt, anxious, angry, saddened deeply, and the emotions where flooding through my body creating sensations that were uncomfortable at the least and frightening at the worst. I wanted to reach out to someone and at that time no one came to mind. This served to enhance my already fractured emotions and create a feeling of aloneness.

The only thing that occurred to me in that moment was to call my minister. I was a member of the Unitarian Congregation and thought possibly my minister would be a resource or more simply a comfort in that moment. I called her and told her what was happening, she invited me to come to her home right that moment, which I did.

What a relief to be with someone who could simply hold space for me. I was not told what to do, or how to feel, I was simply held in sacred space to tell my story and express my fear, anger, sadness and hurt. My minister served as a non-anxious presence and I realized that, yes this would continue to be hard, and I had support and love and that I was not alone and eventually I would be OK.

Our congregation is one of shared ministry. We are together in order to grow in love, faith, justice and joy and each one of us forms an integral part of this beloved community. We work together to build trust in each other so that we may accompany one another on our diverse spiritual journeys. You have also called me as your minister, given my credentials, ministerial education and experience. We also work to build trust in our relationship as minister and congregant.

I invite you to contact me if you are experiencing a significant loss in your life and need a pastoral presence. If you are dealing with death, relationship problems, addiction, turmoil of any kind (to name just a few things) I invite you to reach out to your minister.  I am here for you and have professional and clinical training in being a non-anxious presence. I am also available for pastoral counseling and care which you can request of me in person or by e-mail (minister@uufnn.org). You can also call me at the office (775) 851-7100