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Green Sanctuary Committee

The mission of the Green Sanctuary committee is to affirm and promote the seventh principle of the Unitarian Universalist Association which is respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are only a part. We work to build a more sustainable and enviromentally just church and community.

In order to become a certified Green Sanctuary, we must complete 12 action projects.


The Green Sanctuary and NetZero committees continue to work on the solar system at UUFNN.

Following the UUFNN Solar Sunday event on November 10, 2013, the Fellowship has collected funds needed to install solar panels on congregational property. The ground breaking and installation with being in May 2014. The project needs volunteers! Both the NetZero and Green Sanctuary ommittees welcome new members.

See how much energy we are making with our solar array! https:click here!

Green Sanctuary

After a successful special fund raiser the Green Sanctuary committee initiated a project to make the education building more energy efficient.  Below you can see the insulation installation crew.  Including Mary Winston anfd Jeff Carlton.

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