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Temperatures in Reno vary greatly during the year and during a 24 hour period.  A sophisticated heating and cooling system maintains  comfortable temperatures throughout the worship building.

Elements of the system include:

3 "fan coil" units in the Great Room. (nos. 1,2 and 3)
A "fan coil" unit serving the Gathering Room (no. 7)
A "fan coil unit serving the rest rooms and nursery (no. 6)
An evaporative cooling tower
A buried water tank
A gas furnace
A chiller unit

Control System

There are control computers in the five fan coil units. Another controls the underfloor heating/cooling. There is also an unused control computer for irrigation control.

They are all connected together via a proprietary network.  A communication oriented device provides a serial interface to this network and hence to the individual control computers.