Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern NevadaUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

The Fellowship

Who We Are / Facilities

The year 2008 marked the 50th anniversary of our diverse spiritual community. During the first 25 years, the congregation, held together mainly by friendships and a shared search for spiritual meaning, met in various rented facilities. In 1984 our building fund and our courage enabled us to purchase our current 2.5 acre site on Del Monte Lane in Reno.

At first, our only building on the property was a small residence that we renovated and enlarged. In the year 2000 we made a commitment to the congregation to build a new building. It now stands next to our original structure.

More about our history can be found here.

Here's a brief tour:

You enter the Fellowship at the Gathering Room. Here we welcome visitors, serve coffee and treats and display posters, calendars, and literature covering all the congregation's projects and committees.

The large, airy sanctuary features high wall-to-wall windows that let in light and reduce the need for artificial lighting. You can often see hawks, geese, and other birds winging by during the services. The main building also houses our corridor art gallery called the Vision Place. Exhibits by local artists are planned by our Arts and Aesthetics Committee. The corridor connects to the Emerson Knowledge Center, stocked with a variety of spiritual and research works as well as a computer with internet access. At the end of the hall is our nursery, staffed every Sunday morning. The rear, original building now houses church offices, a kitchen and meeting rooms where Religious Education courses meet.


The entire one-level worship center is highly accessible for those with physical challenges. Our facilities include ramps, railings, and a drinking fountain accommodating those with physical disabilities. We also offer assistive listening systems (hearing assistance headsets), large-print format orders of service, a Braille hymnal, and comfortable seating. Our seating is movable, so people using wheelchairs may sit anywhere. Our buildings also have handicapped accessible restrooms.