UUUFNN Members


The Committee on Ministries keeps track of the pulse of the Fellowship.

The Committee on Ministries (COM) meets monthly with the minister to be a sounding board for him and to share the pulse of the congregation with him. While they help assess how well the minister is serving the congregation, they are also charged with assessing how well the congregation works with the minister and how well various elements of the congregation (the Board, committees, individuals) work together in fulfilling the mission and vision of our Fellowship.   
Congregants are invited to speak with a COM member at any time regarding the various ministries of the Fellowship. Members are  Kathy Person (chair), David Bianchi, Wally Lewis, Bob Quilitch and Ginnie Kersey.

The Conflict Management Team is an auxiliary of the COM.

As a covenantal community, we have promised to treat each other with loving kindness.  Sometimes in the course of our interactions we fall short of this goal, resulting in conflict, hurt feelings or anger.  Perhaps we feel our point of view was not heard or respected, or that someone treated us harshly or ignored us.  Such events can cause alienation from some of our members, or even from the entire Fellowship.  Please know that we have a Conflict Management Team whose mission is to help facilitate restoration of the covenant.

The Conflict Management Team (CMT) is comprised of three congregants with special skills in addressing conflicts.  They will listen to concerns, offer support, help identify possible resolutions and make recommendations to the Committee on Ministry as needed.  (Conflicts with the minister should be taken directly to the minister. Committee on Ministries members are available, if wanted, to support such conversations.)

Downloard the form here if you would like to contact them.

Why the form?  We feel that it’s helpful for people who feel aggrieved in some way to focus their feelings by putting them in writing.  This helps the CMT know where to begin in looking for possible resolutions.

Are you confused as to whether your concern should go to the COM or the CMT?  Please, just talk with a member of either group and you will be referred to the appropriate entity!