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UUFNN 2015 Ends
Truth and Meaning All children, youth and adults are engaged in and growing in knowledge and spirituality through direct experience, exploration, and reflection.
Community Our fellowship along with our broader communities are more welcoming, affirming, accepting, inclusive, connected, collaborative, and socially just.
Leadership We gain training, confidence, and skills to become self-actualized leaders who can put our values into action and live our ministries.
Social Witness We live our faith by dismantling inequities such as racism, heterosexism, classism and ableism as well as mitigating climate change.
Governance We give and receive trust, purpose, and accountability as we evolve as a democratic religious community.
Stewardship We invest sufficient money, time, and expertise to support our minister and staff. We care for our assets, buildings, grounds, and the heritage and legacy of our Fellowship.
Approved by the Board of Trustees on September 17, 2015.

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