Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

Len Mayo

Wow what a Fantastic day to be here at UUFNN!

I’m Len Mayo currently serving on the Board as your Treasurer.

Yesterday during our board retreat Neal and Rosalind challenged us to “inspire engagement” in the coming year.  So please don’t nod off. I don’t know that I can inspire engagement through my speaking ability but I can share with you my own experience.

Engagement  --Three years ago I participated in a meeting where some short term goals were established for the fellowship. I am privileged to witness the culmination of that meeting this morning– the installment of Karen Foster as our Director of Lifespan Religious Education.

Engagement -- Having a sandwich and a beer on Boyz Nite Out just to catch up with the guys.

Engagement --Marti and I pretending to be chef’s for the Fall Fair or playing the world tallest leprechaun for the Stewardship dinner when I used to refuse to dress up for Halloween parties.

Engagement – Contributing at a fair share level to support this campus and all that goes on here.

Engagement --This morning we are all taking part in Water Communion Sunday. The day each year we mix together the waters representing the various adventures of our lives in a single vessel reaffirming our shared fellowship.

In charging the Board to Inspire Engagement Neal and Rosalind wisely focused us on the cement that secures commitment. I know that has proven true for me as it has for others.

Through Engagements Commitment builds. Through Commitment a free thinking people come together in fellowship to create community.