Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

Tips & Suggestions

  • Parents of small children will want to take them to the restroom prior to worship. Our R.E. time is short, and we want to make the best use of each child’s learning time. If a child needs help in the bathroom, a parent/guardian will be summoned.
  • Parents will want to be aware of what is happening in their children's classes, meeting their children's teachers and acquainting themselves with the curriculum. Asking an open ended question like "What was the most surprising thing you learned in R.E. today?" can be a springboard to help further the child's religious education experience.
  • Parents will also grow by committing themselves to their own religious education and spiritual development, to learning about Unitarian Universalism and considering membership in the Fellowship. "New UU" classes and other adult religious education offerings provide one way to do this. We invite parents to become involved in the life of the congregation by joining a committee, helping with social action, enjoying a social occasion, etc. We also ask that families consider making a financial commitment to the Fellowship, whether they choose to join officially or not.
  • While non-parents also teach, our program thrives because parents play a major role. Please ponder how you can help ensure the success of our religious education program.



  • Each child attending our program should have a registration form on file. This form allows parents to communicate any special information about the child and provides contact information, should the need arise.
  • Due to severe allergies among some children, no snacks are allowed unless all parents are notified and agree that the snack is permissible. Only nut-free snacks are permitted, as having any nuts in the building could pose a threat for some children.
  • We strive to always have two adults in each classroom at all times. This provides safety and accountability and also allows one adult to be able to seek parental assistance should an emergency arise. If an unexpected teacher absence occurs, we appreciate your willingness to assist in your child’s classroom.
  • In the event of a fire or other event requiring evacuation, parents should NOT go to R.E. classes but are to reunite with their children behind the education building, next to the street. Parents should then sign their children out with the teacher.