Ongoing Activities at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada

Chalice Circles

Making time each month in my busy schedule for Chalice Circles is a gift I give to myself. - Philip

We held a Circle in our home. It helped people to get to know us more closely. We created some new relationships and deepened existing friendships. People in my Chalice Circle are people I can rely on in times of need.  - Terry

Chalice Circles are UUFNN’s small group ministry program. Circles meet once or twice a month for two hours to reflect on the worship theme of the month. The meetings are unique in that their trademark is deep listening, silence between speakers, time for silent group meditation, and reflection and sharing on the deeper questions raised by worship topics. Each group also participates in two service projects, called Tikkuns, a Jewish word meaning “to heal the world.”

Sign-ups for this season’s Chalice Circles will begin in September at the LUURN table
Direct any questions you have to Rev. Karen Foster (851-7100, or email )